Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chase your dreams.

One of the greatest benefits to being 20-something is that you still have time to chase your dreams! M & I have had a great many conversations of this nature. Kiplinger magazine (if you're on twitter follow them @kiplingermedia) said that more people in our age range are taking chances to get the jobs they really desire now than even before the crash of the job market. So there you go, there's your justification.

I'm currently in the process of fighting for my own dream job and I'll let you know as that progresses just where I end up. As I was offered a great job two weeks ago I was faced with a choice, play it safe or gamble on getting the job I'm passionate about. You know from my previous statement that I'm choosing to take a gamble. It may just pan out for me.

Don't be faint of heart my friends - we can get what we want.

One thing I learned in college that has carried over into my young adult life well is that I learned early how good it feels to get what you want. Now I fight for it, tooth and nail. I challenge you to do the same, it's worth the battle.

Chin up loves!


Monday, July 13, 2009

If it makes you happier

What happens when you realize you thought you had it figured out, but actually have no clue?

My goal after graduation was to work for a non-profit because you learn how to do everything. You have to work really hard to get results and typically others in the non-profit world also work really hard.

I've found all of these things to be true. But it's not enough. So, where do I go from here?

As 20-somethings, we are goal-oriented from the day we are born. All we are told is that we should finish school and work toward a great career that will provide security and insurance. Hopefully, you love what you do, but the biggest thing is to make sure you're taken care of. I have all these things, and my job is fine, but I'm getting to the point where my job is simply paying my bills. As a non-profit employee, I think it's important to want to give 110% every day to ensure the success of your programs. Not even a year in and I'm already tired of giving my 110%. To be honest, I care a little less every day about my job. I still work hard, but it's because I'm supposed to, not because I want to. Is this what I spent my whole life working toward?

And what happens now that I realize this? Do I just simply quit? Do I look for another job, even though I haven't even been there a year? Or, do I pursue what really makes me happy at the expense of losing some of my current security? Would that really be a bad thing?

My fellow 20-somethings, I hope we are all brave enough to take a chance on our lives and strive for happiness, even if it goes against the status quo.

Friday, July 10, 2009

It's good to be young...

Here's a little encouragement for us 20-somethings and any 30-somethings reading this blog.  The recession has benefits for us.  You have to learn to take advantage of such things.