Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Power's in the Purse.

American Express's slogan is, "What's in YOUR wallet"? Move over American Express because what's in my PURSE will knock your over-priced self-righteous socks off. Sorry, never been a fan of AE - I think they're snooty.

On my way to work after being up a solid 2 hours already with a bagel in tote (I woke up hungry this morning, not sure why) I was analyzing my massive bag-of-the-day and thinking to myself that I could probably rule the world with the contents of my Italian leather Abro bag. Which brought my back to an article I read in a magazine sometime in the recent past in which they asked 10 or so twenty-something ladies to empty out their bags and photograph the contents. It was a funny experiment of sorts to see what inside ones handbag and so I will do so for you....

- My Coach planner. I live and die by my color coded scedule kept in my sacred planner. Best investiment I've made yet perhaps. And I recommend everyone get one - the refills are only like 14 bucks a year. Fab.
- My favorite umbrella ever - my Lacoste gator umbrella that UF fans always envy. It rains ALOT in Florida & one should never be caught unprepared.
- Brush & comb to keep my mane under control.
- Coach sunglasses (I collect sunglasses, but I always keep at least one pair in each bag)
- Juicy Couture parfume. My favorite scent.
- Extra pen
- Extra hair rubber band
- Mary Kay lip gloss
- A jump drive (techie of me, right?)
- The Time Travelers Wife - I love to keep a good book in my bag. That way I never have to waste time. Time is too precious to waste, don't you think?
- Pack of Orbit gum Sweet Mint flavor
- Keys - car, house, work, bosses place, etc attached to a MK id holder with all my essentials - cards, clubs, ids, etc.
- Verizon Voyager cell phone (not pictured as it was taking these fine pics)...my lifeline.
- And lastly, packing tape. This may seem odd. However, I use it for a demo I do when I public speak (which is fairly often), so there's frequently a roll of this in my bag.


A girl's purse is often her source of power, or so a guy once told me while refusing to fish something out of mine for me. According to that theory and the size of my bag plus the extent of the content, I'm ready to rule the world.

Done & Done.


Monday, March 23, 2009

The Lost Generation

Props to a certain Chicagoan for sending me the video on which this post is based...

I find it interesting and scary growing up today. Interesting because I'm learning new things every day about myself and the world around me. Interesting because as a young woman, I'm feeling more and more comfortable in my own skin. I truly believe this is because of the good people I am so grateful to have in my life and the fact that, well, I'm slowly ceasing to care about what other people think (to an extent because my recent personality profile shows that I'll always care at least a little bit, but I'm managing). But with all this learning happening, sometimes the scary stuff makes its way into your learning process.

Example: I'm learning that there are no guarantees. I could lose my job tomorrow. I could end up bankrupt. I could end up "happily" married, and within 5 years, be slapped with a divorce. Bills are constantly arriving in my mailbox, which can be overwhelming. Not impossible, just overwhelming. I'm learning that finances worry me, but I'm also learning how to overcome that worry. I'm learning that love is unpredictable and also overwhelming (no wonder people stress out, we're all overwhelmed all the time). I'm learning that I'm scared of things I never thought I'd ever be scared of. So the question for this post is this: WHY?

Is it really because I can't pay my bills? No. Is it because I'm fed up with relationships and dating and want to call it quits on finding my soulmate? No. Could it be that we are the generation that is being TOLD what will happen to us? Could it be that our generation is so overwhelmed with what older generations are telling us, that we're scared to move an inch outside our comfort zone to change our own futures?

Here's the moral of this story: I'm going to make an effort to stop listening. I understand that older generations are supposed to be wiser, but is it really wise to tell the generations coming up behind you what they can't, won't, and will never be able to do? Shouldn't we feel encouraged that we are capable of living the lives we want? I'd like to think I'm on the verge of greatness, but it may not be the same greatness that other generations experienced before us.

I have hope that our generation will keep fighting for what we want. We'll keep fighting for what we think is right. The key will be to support each other in the process.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Men & Money

My recent obsession with finances lead me to Rich Dad, Poor Dad. My own "rich dad" was inspired by this book and so I thought, it can't hurt. This was actually the book that sparked my further discovery of personal finances and has lead me to now subscribing to magazines on the subject as well as reading 3 other books.

The author heavily defines his theories on finance by the belief that things are either an asset or a liability. I won't give you a mini lecture here about what that means in the finance world, though I would strongly recommend if you don't understand these concepts that you do some financial soul searching of your own. Or if you know what they mean but you still think your car or house are assets: Robert T has some words of wisdom for you...get the book.

I think that men can also be put into these two categories (or girls, if you're a guy and reading this). The people you date are either an asset or a liability. Please don't kid yourself into believing that they are the perfect mix of both. In relationships as in money matters, people too frequently want to believe there's this huge grey area, that when we get honest with each other we know doesn't actually exist. Justify your dating choices to your friends or parents all you want - but if you find that you're kidding yourself, you're in trouble. You're also not alone.

Some say that marriage is a business transaction. While I'm not in favor of taking the romance out of relationships - I'm a sucker for love - I am inclined to agree on some levels. The top two reasons people get divorced are money & sex. So argue as much as you like, but money has plenty to do with marriage. From how the courtship goes, to the size of the engagement ring, to what kind of wedding you have, where you honeymoon, how long the marriage lasts, how difficult it is, and sadly - it has a profound affect on divorce rates.

Here are some of the men I will, for now, define as liabilities and therefore avoid:

- Guys who haven't finished school
- Guys who still live at home
- Guys without full time jobs
- Guys who ask if my Dad could help them get a career in the NFL
- Guys who do not own cars (unless they live in NYC, that's acceptable)
- Guys who believe that a woman's sole role in the world is having babies and doing his housekeeping

OK a few quick explanations of this, as I may be seeming a bit harsh. If a guy hasn't finished school, who's to say he will? Education ranks high on my priority list and I want to instill in my future children (should I have them) that education is both a privilege and a necessity. This would be rather hard to do if my partner isn't on board with that mentality. Also, education prepares you for careers - something I would like my future spouse to have. I worked my tail off for 4 years for my degree, I don't think it's an unreasonable expectation of someone else.

Typically (though arguably not always) guys who live at home A. are not providing for themselves, B. are quite use to having their mamas do things for them & C. have not developed the kind of leadership skills I think the future "head of my household" should have. This is not to say that everyone doesn't fall on hard times, and turning to your family for help is certainly acceptable. I'm more aiming this list item at late 20-somethings or older who have yet to strike out on their own. The world is waiting friends - get out there.

If they do not have a full-time job, they're out for now. This is not directly related to money as I have plenty of rich friends who hardly work. This is more related to work ethic. I want to know that my "partner" is willing to work, hard. Because relationships are hard work - and I'm not willing to do 100% of that work, 100% of the time. Nor do I think I should have too. I work 1.5 jobs myself, so again I'm not asking for anything I'm not doing.

List item four should be self-explanatory. If your looking to mooch your career off my Dad, you're out. Doneso. So if you're looking for an internship, job, try out, or other - call the office, not me. And yes, this happens regularly. I will also breeze by the car one - this is based on 2 guys I dated in the past. I do not have the time or energy to be any ones taxi. Therefore, they need their own way to get around. Period.

I'm not a raging feminist. I shave my legs. I wear makeup almost daily. I love high heels enough to have than 50 pairs. I'm all for enjoying being a girl. As Marilyn Monroe once said "I'm fine with living in a man's world, as long as I can be a girl in it". However, I'm not old fashion either. I have asked guys out before. I will express my feelings before they have if that's the way it goes. I've been the first to initiate a kiss. I frequently offer or even insist on paying on a date. I love working and I don't plan to give up having a career anytime soon (if ever). So, for me, it makes sense not to date someone whose expectation is that I'm ready to table my career to be Suzy Homemaker. For some, this is what they want - go for it. For me, it is not.

I will add to this list later I'm sure...as well as make one for assets. : ] Sorry to end this on a slightly negative note but I really must get back to work.


Monday, March 16, 2009


I'm selfish, impatient, and a little insecure.  I make mistakes, I am out of control, and at times hard to handle.  But if you can't handle me at my worst, you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best. -- Marilyn Monroe

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Little Ways to be a Better Friend

So I was reading in Glamour magazine last night about life, love, fashion, stars, books, etc and I came across an article titled, "6 Little Ways to be a Better Friend".  Here's two I wanted to share (thanks Lauren Bradshaw).

Be Cash-Conscious - In this economy it pays to be sensitive to her budget when making plans or divvying up a check.  It's also a great time to be resourceful with what you already have.  I'm gifting some of my frequent flier miles to a friend so she can visit her family overseas.

I love this.  This related so much to what Mer and I have been talking about recently and working at when we're together.  Not so much sending each other overseas but about how to be a cash-conscious friend in these economically trying times.  As I've learned more about finances over the last few months I've tried to encourage several of my friends to pursue the same interest.  Helping my friends become financially stable has been a rewarding endeavor and I'm taking a large amount of pride in the successes I'm seeing them have.  Having the benefit of starting out ahead of the game - I'm trying to find creative and constructive ways to contribute to my friends financial success.

Look out for her - even when she's not looking - Talk her up, tag only flattering pictures of her, and in general show the same thoughtfulness Bellows (author of The Fun Book for Girlfriends) does when she shops the sale racks: "I always check for my friends' sizes, too.  I just found one a great J. Crew sweater!"

I like this in contrast to a quote I read last night in my latest book, "The Queen of Babble in the Big City" which reads, "To find out a girl's faults, praise her to her girlfriends" - Benjamin Franklin.


Bennie has a good point though.  If you start saying nice things about a girl to one of her friends, so often they start dishing dirt.  Why is that?  Why are we so programmed to think that someone else's success is our failure?  Even with friends!  And so I like this step to being a better friend because it challenges us to build up and promote our friends instead of tear them down in an attempt to make ourselves feel better!  I do not wish to succeed at the expensive of my friends but to enjoy my success along side them as we figure things out together.

Who says you can't learn anything valuable from Fashion Magazines?


Monday, March 9, 2009

Addendum to B's freshman year post, plus the background on Mer.

I must say that freshman year was by far one of my favorites. I was SO scared to meet this Becca character who, according to google maps, had a pond in her neighborhood, according to google had an "all pro dad", and according to her email, had a best friend named Gabe with dreds (I may have sent you a hundred pics of me, but I still don't know why the first picture you ever sent me was Gabe's senior picture!). Yes, I conducted thorough research on this character who would be sharing an 8 by 16 cell with me and all of my prized possessions. Yes, she had passed my polygraph test with flying colors. But no, there was NO way I was going to be in that room when she moved in. I remember sheepishly coming in for 5 minutes, meeting Deb, Ruthie, and Becca, and then awkwardly excusing myself until about bedtime that night. But, as Becca noted, we became fast friends. And the underwear didn't bother me, as long as it wasn't a thong ;). I did enough to embarass myself that year, so you in your underwear was the least of my worries!

B covered a good portion of our antics (feel free to post that email!) but there are some she missed. One thing is that I went through 4 computers that year. Becca came home many times to find me without a shirt on (so the sweat produced walking to and from campus could dry between classes) sitting at her desk on her Mac, surrounded by a wall of her belongings I had built. I was a turd, I admit it!

Some of my favorite times were these: the funeral procession we somehow got roped into planning for a neighbor's hamster, B letting out a bit of gas while meeting aforementioned neighbor for the first time and everyone acting like it didn't happen, sleeping with our mattresses side by side on the floor for like a week, all of the amazing Easy Mac Becs made for the entire 6th floor for board game nights, roadtrips to visit each others families, countless ridiculous pictures, and all of our many pets we accumulated that year (a hamster, a rat, and an unspecified number of beta fish).

I am SO glad I went potluck, even moreso now looking back on the memories.

And what about this mysterious M, the third beauty who graces this page with her wit and intellect? Well I met Mer once, didn't remember her, but thank God met her again a year later! We worked together for a few months, and then I took a Telefund hiatus for about a year. Summer after sophomore year, a friend urged me to come back, and introduced me to Miss Mer in the meantime. We had 3 out of 3 classes together that first summer, and became inseperable. We worked out, laid out, and studied the night away many a night. We were besties from there forward, simply because we were the same people separated for far too long. Well, that and the fact that I had no less than 3 classes a semester with her for pretty much the next 2 years, not to mention work, lunch dates all the time, and all of the same friends! Putting my memories with Mer on paper would take days. After all, we have traveled Europe, love, work, basically everything, together for 3 years now. I am so glad I introduced her to Becca through Monday night The Hills nights too, because they are kindred spirits who each have a piece of my heart down in Florida.

That about sums that up. Gathering my thoughts on a blog about peoples' perceptions of wealth and money. Stay tuned ;)


Sunday, March 8, 2009


These creepers wanted their pic taken with us (Mer on left, me on right).
Mer, Kate, & I @ Carrabas.  Poor people there, they got so much more fun than they bargained for.

I (Becca) just got back from going to see Mer in Orlando.  This weekend was JUST what the Doctor ordered.  Lys, wish you could have been there.  We missed you.  I have to go work a few hours (I'm punishing myself for spending too much money at the outlet mall...).  Will write a real blog soon.


Friday, March 6, 2009

Reality Bites

My sister sent me this quote via Picture Message:

"I can handle reality in small doses, but as a lifestyle, it's much too confining"

She said she thought of me when she saw the picture with that quote, and I, who personally think my sister is one of the funniest people on the planet, chuckle lightly to myself at work as I read it. After thinking about this idea for the last day or so, it's occurred to me that I don't want to be one of those people who takes life too seriously.

Example: I went to the doctor this week, expecting to pay X amount for my copay. The doctor's office is the most luxurious doctor's office I've ever seen (I think everyone knew how fascinated I was with all the gizmos and gadgets). I get all done with my appointment and head to the check-out desk to pay my copay, all by myself, like an adult. I get the news that my copay is DOUBLE what I thought it was going to be. Sigh. I pay it then immediately call my insurance company for an explanation, which they cannot give me because the claim won't show up for another MONTH. I think to myself, great, I'm screwed. Insurance sucks. Doctors suck. I'm never going to the doctor again.

After breathing for a moment and a good Mom convo, I realize I need to cut my losses and move on. The reality is that it was still much cheaper considering what I'd be paying had I not had insurance at all, so really there's nothing to freak out about. And I found out later that my company's copays had indeed all increased as of Jan. 1st. Lesson learned: as a grown-up, read everything that comes in the mail.

My point of all this: I had the money to pay for my doc appt. So what's the big deal? By making it a big deal, I was stressed out and whiny for a day. Yes, it's only a day, but by wallowing in the reality of having to PAY for doctor services, I wasted energy and time when I really should have just let it go to begin with. I'm healthy and everything costs something. I think it's one thing to be aware of the reality that nothing in life is free, but it's quite another to let it rule emotions and moods. I choose to accept reality, but I will not allow it to get the best of me.


Thursday, March 5, 2009


We were accepted as members of "Twenty-something bloggers" - the link is at the bottom of the page.

It is good to be accepted & it seems as though we are amongst good company.

A & B

Just a little history. Alyssa & I (Becca) were potluck roommates our freshman year at Purdue University. Boy did Shreve Hall get more than they bargained for with us! We had a great floor of girls though and many of the people we met living in the dorms are still friends of ours today! Hey A, do I have your permission to post the original e-mail you sent me when we got our assignment? Or at least a few of the 23482390 pics you sent me of yourself?

A called me the week after we got our assignments and asked me the funniest set of questions I've been asked to date. Including if I were a lesbian and if I tended to steal other peoples things. While valid questions, a little deep for the first convo, eh Lys? She later admitted that after our conversation when I told her I moved frequently because my Dad is an NFL football coach - she googled me. Bringing up the most unfortunate picture that's ever been taken of my family and remains on a charity website - still haunting me today!

She might have had the better set of questions but I think I win the award for getting comfortable too fast. I HATE sleeping in pjs as I find them to be incredibly restricting so on the first or second night of living together I asked her if she cared if I slept in my undies. Ha, sorry A - I probably could have stuck out the first week!

Our year as roommates sure was an interesting one. I still cringe at how filthy that room got - which I take 99% of the responsibility for. The other 1% I give to A for buying plants that grew very strange fungus within about 2 days. I'm still a little baffled by that. I think whatever sorority sold you those plants still owes you your money back!

We were most famous amongst our hall for our collection of Beta fish. This unfortunate trend came about during one of many late night walmart runs during which we felt sorry for the fish kept in Tupperware on the shelves. We bought two. After that day, we bought one every time we went to Walmart for over a month (which added up to...8? 12? I can't even remember now) and since they couldn't live together they were placed all over our room in vases that were supposed (note: supposed) to be cleaned weekly. I'm a little ashamed to say I think we flushed all the remaining ones just in time for Spring Break! Poor Betas...Florida was more important to us.

I really should get back to work on some things but I would like to end this entry on life in the dorms (which I'm guessing Alyssa will have some additions too) by saying that our RA was a strange one. She targeted A & I from the very beginning and begged us to help her with all of her weekly duties. A contributed some artistic abilities to the boards int he hallway. I got nominated for some kind of office for our hall - but never bothered to attend a meeting. So my main contribution to the year was holding back drunk girls hair while they puked in the bathroom (I believe I'm still owed a few favors from this - perhaps I should start collecting).

Anyway, our RA would come knocking on doors before all the events she was required to throw. None of these events got either of us excited and so, we devised a plan to get out of them. We would turn off all the lights and lock our door and hide until we were POSITIVE she had left to go wherever it was she wanted us to. Then we'd turn our lights back on and go about our night.

Oh Lys, I love you. I miss some of those moments!


Ps: Thanks for doing my eye makeup every day for 3 months because I liked yours better than mine. I still owe you a few.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Can I just point out please that our intials make the word BAM and I find that rather fitting?

No, no, no!

Every successful twenty-something has to master the art of saying 'no'. Caution: while this may sound simple it is a life-long battle for many people - and more specifically, for many women! Now what might I being referring too? Well, everything.

This entry is inspired by some self-examination I did following an assessment about women and their finances I took last night (at the start of the previously mentioned book). The question was in regards to lending money but that's not really what I'm going to be talking about in this entry.

As a comprehensive relationship educator - or "sex ed teacher" I teach students on a weekly basis how to say "no" when they're being pressured. We talk about body language and how to back up your words with your actions. We talk about reversing the pressure. And we talk about how to get yourself out of a situation if at first you don't succeed! Etc. So if these work for saying 'no' to sex (something plenty of women still need to master) then why can't it work for everything in life?

In the past 9 months of post-college young adulthood I have purposed to set some boundaries for myself. It is easy in this day and age to get over commited and bogged down in the load of life. I worked entirely too hard to get myself down to Florida to not enjoy my life here! And so, I have had to learn to say no. No, no, no!

For me one of my biggest challenges in this department is my desire to have a hand in EVERYTHING! I hate saying no because I truly WANT to say yes! I want to attend every event. I want to contribute money to every charity. I want to go to lunch with someone different every day of the work week (and every meal of the weekend). I want to fix everyones problems via phone, e-mail, coffee, etc. I want to get everything that needs to be done at work done! But ladies and gents, saying no is truly an art worth knowing.

Saying no to some friendships that were draggin gme down has given me more time to dedicate to the ones that matter! The ones in which I do not have to do 100% of the work. Can I get an amen? And saying no to some of the charities that have asked for my time and resources has freed both of those up for the ones that truly touch my heart! The ones that I most desire to see succeed I'm able to aid in that now! Saying no to every day lunch dates has let me say "yes" to having a REAL savings account - and 15 pounds less weight on me! And saying 'no' to too much work has allowed me to say yes to weekends away (like my upcoming Orlando weekend), beach days, walks, cooking, some Tivo endulging, etc.

So everyone, I challenge you to master the art of saying 'no' so that you can truly enjoy saying 'yes'.


Lifelong Learning Curve

I thought I learned a lot in college with four years of papers, tests, good friends, and Harry's. All of these powers combined equals a whole lot of learning happening. Then I graduated.

Here is a list of things, big or small, that I have learned since May 2008:

~I am capable of taking a risk and the whole world won't come crashing down

~I can be 1,000 miles away from everything I've ever known and survive. And like it.

~I don't miss snow.

~I want to be financially responsible and I can be, no matter what my salary may be

~If something is important to me, there's no reason why I shouldn't have it, do it, or live it.

~I'm coming to terms with the fact that I can't save the world all day every day.

~I want to be a lifelong learner, whether it's from grad school, books, friends, or family. I'm hoping for a nice combination of all of them.

I knew I would learn a lot after graduating because that's what life's all about. It's exciting learning more and more about yourself and the world around you. And while I accept the fact that it's not all roses all the time, I'm definitely looking forward to what's to come!


Monday, March 2, 2009

Life lessons can wait...I need to get some things off my mind about The Bachelor!

Some of my favorite times in the months since graduation last May have been those when I have a phone pressed to my ear. Let's be honest. College is the ultimate breeding ground for friendships, but not many of those last. When I walked across that stage behind Miss Meredith Evans to grab my diploma, I could not help but think of those friendships I made. There were a number of people who I had trusted with all of life's ups and downs, people that I met with regularly, that I partied with and that I bummed around home with, that I thought would be a friend forever. But my little comfort zone was being ripped apart. When not a mere 5 minutes away, who would I talk to about all of life's details, and who would I never see again? The result surprised me for a little while, but not for long. I am very fortunate to be able to say that I have had an incredible success rate. Not one of my best friends lives within an hour of me, yet I know just as much now about them as I did then. Yes, it is INCREDIBLY hard to maintain a friendship over the phone, but I am so thankful to have the close relationships that I have, those that have survived distance and incredible change, and that have provided me with almost a nightly phone date. My writing here is a testament to those bonds, and to the importance of a friend when going through one of the most confusing growth periods we will encounter.

This blog is about friendship. It's about growth and change, struggles and acceptance, unexpected lessons and a system of support throughout the whole process. Had you told me in May that I would rely on my cell phone as a lifeline for my friendships, I would have said "good luck with that!" and moved on. Thank you God for not letting me have that attitude. I would not have all of the lessons and anecdotes about life, love, survival, and this crazy little thing called growing up otherwise. I have spent so much time on the phone with these 2 ladies (and a couple of other very special people) discussing books, sharing discoveries, and trying to decipher just where we are supposed to be at this point in our lives that I could probably collaborate on a survival guide for the 20 something woman with them. Enjoy a sneak peak into those conversations. Laugh, learn, enjoy.

On that note...I need to get some things off my chest about one Jason Mesnick of Seattle, Washington. WTF?! This adorable man is the reason I gave The Bachelor and ABC one more chance to convince me that love can happen on television. However, I was very disappointed to find out that these people agreed to dupe America by taking part in a scripted circus surrounding one of the most sacred gifts in this world: A woman's heart. I would love to give Jason the benefit of the doubt here. I want to believe he had no idea about any of this, that he didn't want to be with Melissa anymore and that ABC forced him to give it a go with Molly to try and cover up yet another failed attempt at forever. But come on. No woman in their right mind would accept an offer of "forever" from a man who 2 seconds earlier broke the heart of his FIANCEE on national television. I asked her to be my wife, told her I loved her and not you, got down on one knee in front of the world telling her it was her and only her, but now I changed my mind. Wanna go grab coffee, oh my precious second choice, and see if forever is in our cards? I speak for every sane woman out there when I say ABSOLUTELY NOT! Come on Moll! You look at him with a smile, act like he didn't dump you for a different woman six weeks ago, hold his hand, and say of course I love you and want to be with you! This had to be scripted. There is no way this would have happened in the real world and garnered the same response. I'd rather lose faith in The Bachelor as opposed to womankind. Shame on you Jason. Shame on you Molly, and ABC, and everyone involved. Good luck Melissa. You should have kept the 4 carat diamond.


Sophie Tucker Says...

From birth to age eighteen a girl needs good parents.  From eighteen to thirty-five she needs good looks.  From thirty-five to fifty-five she needs a good personality.  From fifty-five on she needs cash.

The Art of Having it All.

I decided about a month ago that I wanted to have it all.  

I want success in every aspect of my life.  I don't just want to be great at my job I want to balance it all.  I want to be a great friend.  The thoughtful daughter.  A perfect sister.  A reader.  A writer.  The lifelong student (of various subjects). Financially saavy.  A fashionista.  Artist.  Critic.  Sports fanatic.

With the desire to have it all comes the question...how?  That question will continue to be that which I pursue through life and writing over the next...lifetime.  It's a journey that has only just begun and that will never truly end.

This month I have begun to tackle finances.  Eck, I know.  For being 23 and fresh out of college, I am ahead of the game.  However, the more I learn about finances the more I realize how little I know.  Confusing?  Yes.  Frustrating?  Incredibly.  I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad.  I learned I need to invest to get out of the "Rat Race" but then I didn't know anything about investing so I bought Suze Orman's "The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous, and Broke" to learn the lingo and the starting point for people like me.

As I near the end of that I realize I have a libraries worth of finance books left to read if I'm ever going to master my finances.  And so, next up:

Nice Girls Don't Get Rich.  

I love her dedication which reads: "This book is dedicated to every woman who works too hard, earns too little, and never seems to get ahead financially.  I hope that within these pages you find the courage and wisdom needed to take whatever action is required to lead a rich life - however you choose to define it"

In the spirit of having it all - I took today off work to do work.  While I've been slaving away at my desk at work, the work I have at home has been piling up.  So today I left my work in my Outlook and piled on my desk to face that which was piling up here at home.  So with taxes filed, clean bedsheets, 4 less episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians on my Tivo, a much needed manicure, and a few less phone calls to friends on the ever-growing list - I'm winding down yet another Monday.

Just another manic Monday.


The Idea.

The inspiration for this blog came from my struggle to figure out life.  I have several wonderful friends who are going through the same process and have fought through the nitty gritty details of this thing called life with me over the past few months.  Lord love them, they put up with my daily phone calls about each of my new discoveries or adventures.

We are in different cities (and states), various careers, a range of love lives, and ultimately figuring out life in our twenties one day and experience at a time.

So, this blog is our chance to share these growing experience with each other and with others who feel the same.  I imagine it will be hilarious at time, endearing in moments, and ultimately incredibly entertaining.

So, we'll see how it goes.  Feedback always welcomed.