Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chase your dreams.

One of the greatest benefits to being 20-something is that you still have time to chase your dreams! M & I have had a great many conversations of this nature. Kiplinger magazine (if you're on twitter follow them @kiplingermedia) said that more people in our age range are taking chances to get the jobs they really desire now than even before the crash of the job market. So there you go, there's your justification.

I'm currently in the process of fighting for my own dream job and I'll let you know as that progresses just where I end up. As I was offered a great job two weeks ago I was faced with a choice, play it safe or gamble on getting the job I'm passionate about. You know from my previous statement that I'm choosing to take a gamble. It may just pan out for me.

Don't be faint of heart my friends - we can get what we want.

One thing I learned in college that has carried over into my young adult life well is that I learned early how good it feels to get what you want. Now I fight for it, tooth and nail. I challenge you to do the same, it's worth the battle.

Chin up loves!



  1. thanks for the positive feedback :) hope you can stop by again, i am in search of my dream job too, i was laid off from a bank after 3 years and am going back to watching kids! i figured blogging about it would be fun!

  2. I'm nearing the end of my fight for my dream job - so hopefully good news is coming soon. But I'm with you girl, the job market is so rough right now. Chin up though, you're time will come. My advice is never stop looking for the next big thing.