Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Power's in the Purse.

American Express's slogan is, "What's in YOUR wallet"? Move over American Express because what's in my PURSE will knock your over-priced self-righteous socks off. Sorry, never been a fan of AE - I think they're snooty.

On my way to work after being up a solid 2 hours already with a bagel in tote (I woke up hungry this morning, not sure why) I was analyzing my massive bag-of-the-day and thinking to myself that I could probably rule the world with the contents of my Italian leather Abro bag. Which brought my back to an article I read in a magazine sometime in the recent past in which they asked 10 or so twenty-something ladies to empty out their bags and photograph the contents. It was a funny experiment of sorts to see what inside ones handbag and so I will do so for you....

- My Coach planner. I live and die by my color coded scedule kept in my sacred planner. Best investiment I've made yet perhaps. And I recommend everyone get one - the refills are only like 14 bucks a year. Fab.
- My favorite umbrella ever - my Lacoste gator umbrella that UF fans always envy. It rains ALOT in Florida & one should never be caught unprepared.
- Brush & comb to keep my mane under control.
- Coach sunglasses (I collect sunglasses, but I always keep at least one pair in each bag)
- Juicy Couture parfume. My favorite scent.
- Extra pen
- Extra hair rubber band
- Mary Kay lip gloss
- A jump drive (techie of me, right?)
- The Time Travelers Wife - I love to keep a good book in my bag. That way I never have to waste time. Time is too precious to waste, don't you think?
- Pack of Orbit gum Sweet Mint flavor
- Keys - car, house, work, bosses place, etc attached to a MK id holder with all my essentials - cards, clubs, ids, etc.
- Verizon Voyager cell phone (not pictured as it was taking these fine pics)...my lifeline.
- And lastly, packing tape. This may seem odd. However, I use it for a demo I do when I public speak (which is fairly often), so there's frequently a roll of this in my bag.


A girl's purse is often her source of power, or so a guy once told me while refusing to fish something out of mine for me. According to that theory and the size of my bag plus the extent of the content, I'm ready to rule the world.

Done & Done.


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