Monday, March 9, 2009

Addendum to B's freshman year post, plus the background on Mer.

I must say that freshman year was by far one of my favorites. I was SO scared to meet this Becca character who, according to google maps, had a pond in her neighborhood, according to google had an "all pro dad", and according to her email, had a best friend named Gabe with dreds (I may have sent you a hundred pics of me, but I still don't know why the first picture you ever sent me was Gabe's senior picture!). Yes, I conducted thorough research on this character who would be sharing an 8 by 16 cell with me and all of my prized possessions. Yes, she had passed my polygraph test with flying colors. But no, there was NO way I was going to be in that room when she moved in. I remember sheepishly coming in for 5 minutes, meeting Deb, Ruthie, and Becca, and then awkwardly excusing myself until about bedtime that night. But, as Becca noted, we became fast friends. And the underwear didn't bother me, as long as it wasn't a thong ;). I did enough to embarass myself that year, so you in your underwear was the least of my worries!

B covered a good portion of our antics (feel free to post that email!) but there are some she missed. One thing is that I went through 4 computers that year. Becca came home many times to find me without a shirt on (so the sweat produced walking to and from campus could dry between classes) sitting at her desk on her Mac, surrounded by a wall of her belongings I had built. I was a turd, I admit it!

Some of my favorite times were these: the funeral procession we somehow got roped into planning for a neighbor's hamster, B letting out a bit of gas while meeting aforementioned neighbor for the first time and everyone acting like it didn't happen, sleeping with our mattresses side by side on the floor for like a week, all of the amazing Easy Mac Becs made for the entire 6th floor for board game nights, roadtrips to visit each others families, countless ridiculous pictures, and all of our many pets we accumulated that year (a hamster, a rat, and an unspecified number of beta fish).

I am SO glad I went potluck, even moreso now looking back on the memories.

And what about this mysterious M, the third beauty who graces this page with her wit and intellect? Well I met Mer once, didn't remember her, but thank God met her again a year later! We worked together for a few months, and then I took a Telefund hiatus for about a year. Summer after sophomore year, a friend urged me to come back, and introduced me to Miss Mer in the meantime. We had 3 out of 3 classes together that first summer, and became inseperable. We worked out, laid out, and studied the night away many a night. We were besties from there forward, simply because we were the same people separated for far too long. Well, that and the fact that I had no less than 3 classes a semester with her for pretty much the next 2 years, not to mention work, lunch dates all the time, and all of the same friends! Putting my memories with Mer on paper would take days. After all, we have traveled Europe, love, work, basically everything, together for 3 years now. I am so glad I introduced her to Becca through Monday night The Hills nights too, because they are kindred spirits who each have a piece of my heart down in Florida.

That about sums that up. Gathering my thoughts on a blog about peoples' perceptions of wealth and money. Stay tuned ;)


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  1. Ha ha ha ha! I totally forgot about e-mailing you a pic of Gabe - who the heck knows what I was thinking on that one (not I). Perhaps I was a bit too obsessed at that time. My B.

    I can't believe I forgot about the computers! I've never seen someone burn through computers at such an alarming rate - I was a little scared for my imac!

    I also forgot about farting in front of redic. Now that I'm remembering that I'm STILL embarrassed. Thanks for pretending it didn't happen - until you blogged about it.

    Can we please talk about how K's hamster had a perminent erection and that is WHY we had to get a hamster because we wanted them to have sex so it would go away - only the first time we tried ours tried to eat hers?!

    Aww, I miss Freshman year. And you!!